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5 Insurance Tips To Help Fully Protect Student Dentists

by Raymond Gibson

Well before they get their degree, student dentists can become liable to malpractice lawsuits as soon as they step out of a classroom. By working as a student dentist at a private office, you need to think about your insurance coverages along with honing your skills. Dental malpractice insurance can become complicated, but by breaking it down into different aspects, the coverage becomes a lot easier to understand. By being properly represented, you will have the proper defense when any type of malpractice suit arises.

Tail Coverage

The time you spend as a student dentist will go by quick, but once it ends, your liability for actions will still stand. Even as you transfer to a new practice and position, you will need additional coverage for the time you were a student. This type of coverage is known as tail coverage.

Tail coverage protects your time in a former dental office. This type of coverage is usually used in three ways. It helps insure student dentists transitioning to full-time dentistry, is used for when dentists switch medical buildings or relocate, and provides additional coverage for dentists that have retired. The coverage period is extended until any possible statues of limitations have passed for civil suits.

Cyber Liability

As a student dentist, you are likely dealing with a lot of different patients and confidential information. Data held through dental office networks and personal information shared on social media is all liable for possible actions you take. This is why malpractice insurance is often packaged with cyber liability insurance.

This type of insurance will help protect any actions taken against you for actions completed online. Not only can this insurance help cover civil suits and proper defenses, but it can help fight for your job if it was terminated due to online content.

"Moonlighting" Professional Liability

Instead of paying the full cost for medical liability insurance, student dentists often have the opportunity to sign up for "Moonlighting" insurance. This means that your coverage is attached with the business that you are temporary working at. It can result in cheaper rates, joint policies, and all of the pressure of malpractice insurance isn't solely on your shoulders.

It's important to consult with insurance companies and the dental practice that you work with to determine if a moonlighting policy is available. This can help you get through the student stages of dentist practice before having the responsibility of owning a full policy.

Transitioning Insurance

As your time as a student dentist comes to a close, you will have to transition to a new policy. As a full-time dentist, you have additional liabilities that you will need proper coverage for. One of the biggest changes to your malpractice coverage is the new location where you plan to work.

If you are opening up a personal office, then additional office insurance will need to be added. This helps protect against everyday office incidents like malfunctioning chairs or slip and fall incidents. This essentially extends your coverage beyond general malpractice.

Insurance Packages

One of the easiest ways to keep control of new insurance policies is to package them all together. Not only will this help you save money, but it keeps things more organized for both your personal and professional life.

In the dentist office, you can package together your malpractice, office, and cyber liability insurance. By having policies through the same company, it's easy to remain consistent through claims and possible trials. Your malpractice insurance can also be packaged with personal insurance. This includes auto insurance and home insurance policies. Dental insurance companies understand the different needs for different policies and can provide you with proper solutions.

Dental malpractice insurance is not something to take lightly. Understanding all of the details is the best way to make proper choices and ensure that you are protected for all types of circumstances.