Understanding The Importance Of Motorcycle Insurance

What Happens if You're Caught Driving Without Insurance

by Raymond Gibson

Going by the law, every motorist in the United States is required to have an auto insurance policy on their car. Usually, this applies if the car's registration details are under your name. Failing to insure your vehicle places you at risk of getting fined or even charged depending on what state you're in. Ultimately, the costs you incur as penalties are way more than what you'd have paid initially to your auto insurance provider. 

Additionally, there are other greater consequences if you're driving around without insurance. You could quickly get your driver's license suspended or revoked. Worse still, your car could go into impound, and you'd have to pay even more to get it back. Here is a more in-depth look at what might befall you if you've got no auto insurance policy. 

You'll Have to Pay Hefty Fines

Depending on what state you come from, legal fines could be anywhere in the thousands of dollars. Sometimes, it might be higher if you're a repeat offender. This gets worse if you have caused an accident. The repercussions might be too harsh, enough to render you bankrupt. On top of that, you'll be required to pay for any damages resulting from the accident. As your auto insurance agent will tell you, an insurance policy is meant to protect you from such unfortunate incidents. This way, you and other road users are protected in case of a tragedy. 

You Might Have to Pay Bigger Premiums Later 

If you're caught driving an uninsured vehicle, you automatically get an SR-22 form. This document is typically valid for about three years, which lets your car insurance agent know that you're a high-risk client. As a result, the amount you'll be required to pay as a premium will go higher. Unfortunately, this incident might also dent your otherwise perfect driving record for good. It won't do you any favors to have a smudge on your record, especially when it comes to auto insurance. This is why you have to make sure that your car has valid insurance every time you're using it. You shouldn't have to wait until you get into trouble to renew your policy.

You Could Go to Prison 

Some states consider driving without insurance as a legal offense. You might get charged with a misdemeanor and risk prison time if you're caught with an uninsured vehicle. This is a highly possible likelihood, especially if you have caused an accident. Also, you're going to be a potential candidate if it isn't your first time charged with this offense. Possible jail time comes along with a string of heavy fines, so you might want to avoid that. All you have to do is contact an auto insurance agent and choose a policy that is within your comfort zone.