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5 Factors That Matter When Figuring Out Your Car Insurance Premium

by Raymond Gibson

When you get a quote from an auto insurance company, they use a pool of data and information to figure out the risks of providing you with insurance. That level of risk is how they determine what to charge you for your premium. A large range of factors is taken into consideration to arrive at that number.

Driving Record

Your driving history matters, everything from how many accidents you have been involved in to how many traffic tickets you have accumulated. The longer you have been driving without any accidents or tickets, the better off you are. If you have not been driving for that long, a clean track record will hold a little less weight than someone who has been driving for several years.


How you use your vehicle matters, which is why most companies will ask you how many miles you drive per month or year with your vehicle and what you use your vehicle for. If you use it to commute to work daily, you will probably end up paying more than if you use it for only occasional driving.


Where you live, work, and play matters when it comes to figuring out what to charge you for insurance. Information about theft, accidents, and vandalism will be analyzed for the area where you park your vehicle at night and the general area where you reside and drive your vehicle. Often, urban drivers end up paying more for insurance than drivers located in small towns or rural areas due to the higher rates of theft, accidents, and vandalism in most urban areas.


You may not have any control over it, but your age matters when it comes to getting auto insurance. Insurance companies have troves of data on how age correlates to accidents and claims, with both younger and older drivers being riskier to provide insurance to.


The vehicle that you drive is important as well. Multiple variables come into play when considering the vehicle you drive. They will examine what it will cost to repair the vehicle should it be damaged and what it will cost to replace it if totaled.

The engine size and safety record will be taken into consideration. As will the likelihood of that particular vehicle getting stolen, based on nationwide records on auto theft. The safety features included with the vehicle will also be analyzed.

These are just five of the most significant factors that any auto insurance company will consider when providing you with a quote. The risk each company assigns to these factors varies, which is why you should get quotes from national and regional insurance companies to find the one that best fits your needs and your budget. Contact a local auto insurance company, such as Illinois Insurance Center Inc, to learn more.