Understanding The Importance Of Motorcycle Insurance

Hey everyone, my name is Ian Cerisa. When I first started riding, I completely ignored the pleas of my parents to pick up a motorcycle insurance policy. As a young adult, I felt invincible and didn’t think a policy would benefit me, especially since it wasn’t legally required for motorcycle riders in my area. A run in with a city bus instantly changed my mind. Although I came out of that collision without too much damage to my body or bike, I was convinced that an insurance policy would be a good choice. I taught myself all I needed to know to make a good decision about my insurance plan. I would like to teach others about the value of holding motorcycle insurance coverage to pay for medical bills and bike repairs in the event of a collision. Please come back soon to learn all you can about this subject.

2 Easy Ways To Decrease Your Auto Insurance Premiums

If you are like most people, you might grimace when you shell out the cash for your monthly car insurance payment. On average, Americans spend $1,510 per year, or about $125.83 per month on car insurance alone. Unfortunately, you might be spending more than you need...