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Three Reasons You Could Be Paying More Than Usual For Your Auto Insurance And How To Fix It

by Raymond Gibson

As the owner of an automobile, carrying insurance and paying your premiums is just a fact of life, and the price is well worth the service. However, if you have high insurance premiums that are hard to swing, it can be really frustrating. Thankfully, there are usually things you can do to save yourself a little money. Check out these common reasons you could be paying more than usual for your auto insurance and what you may be able to do to help. 

You've had prior driving offenses that are still on your record. 

Whenever you get a ticket for a driving-related offense, it goes on your record, and this record is something your insurance company can see when you provide your information. The insurer uses this information to determine what risks there could be with providing you with coverage, and this determination has a lot to do with how high your auto insurance premiums are. Even though you can't necessarily change your driving record, there still may be things you can do to shave a little off your premium. For example, some insurance companies give a small discount if you agree to use a driving-behavior-monitoring device or if you agree to take driver's education courses. 

You've got a risky driver listed on your insurance policy. 

Perhaps you have a newly-licensed teen driver on your policy, or maybe you have a family member that lives with you covered that has a bad driving record. If there are other drivers listed as drivers on your insurance policy who the insurer would consider a risk, it can definitely make your premiums higher. By law in most states, you have to list any drivers who live under your roof. However, you should talk to your insurer about discounts you may be able to get nevertheless. For example, you may be eligible for multi-vehicle discounts or discounts if your teen driver makes good grades in school. 

You've had recent auto accidents that are still following you around. 

When you are found at fault for an auto accident, this information can make your insurance a little higher for a few years or more after the incident. In some cases, even accidents that were not your fault can push up premiums just a bit. If this is the case, it can be worth it to check around with other insurance agencies to see if you can get a cheaper premium. Not all insurance companies treat auto accidents as the same kind of risk.

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