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Signs That You Need Business Interruption Insurance

by Raymond Gibson

Business interruption insurance covers some of the loss your business may suffer after a disaster. Such losses occur, for example, if the business is unable to continue with its operations when recovering from the disaster. Any business can benefit from the coverage, but you should strongly consider buying the coverage if your business fits any of these descriptions:  

Your Business Relies Heavily On Physical Assets

A business that relies heavily on physical assets can really suffer in case of a disaster that strikes its premises because the physical assets will be damaged. If your business doesn't rely on physical assets, and it's just your building that has been damaged, then you can just migrate to a temporary location and continue with your operations. For example, if you sell books and they have been damaged in a fire, there will be no more books for you to sell. However, if you are a lawyer whose office has been damaged, you can relocate and operate from another place.

Your Business Is Location-Dependent

You also need income replacement insurance if you cannot easily relocate your business to another place, which means your business is location dependent. For example, if you run a restaurant, and it is damaged in a flood, it will be difficult to relocate the restaurant to another place, and you will incur heavy losses.

Your Area Is Prone To Natural Disasters

Think about getting income replacement coverage if you operate in an area with frequent natural disasters. This is because your risk of experiencing a disaster is higher than another business that operates in an area less prone to disasters. For example, if your city has experienced several flooding and wildfire damages in the recent past, operating without income replacement coverage exposes you to serious financial suffering in case such a disaster strikes again.

You Can't Run the Business on Premises Undergoing Repair

Lastly, you also need to evaluate your business to determine whether you can continue operating if the premises is damaged and under repair. If you can't operate under such conditions, then you definitely need income replacement. For example, a dentist may find it difficult to operate in a damaged building. In fact, if you operate any business where customers must physically come to you, it can be difficult and dangerous to operate in a building under repair. Contrast this with, say, a virtual computer support staff that helps customers remotely; you can operate such a business under difficult conditions because customers don't have to come to your office.

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