Understanding The Importance Of Motorcycle Insurance

Protections Your Auto Insurance Can Provide

by Raymond Gibson

Automotive insurance can be an invaluable form of protection for individuals that own or operate car and trucks. Unfortunately, drivers will often give their insurance policy little thought, and this can expose them to a handful of liabilities that could pose the risk of significant losses and costs. Here are some coverage options you should look into. 

Rental Car Provisions

In the aftermath of an auto accident, your vehicle may need to be in the repair shop for a considerable amount of time. In fact, some individuals may have to go without their vehicle for weeks while repairs are completed. During this time, the costs of renting a vehicle to get around can quickly become a major expense. While some insurance will provide coverage for the rental car, this is not universal coverage included in every plan. Rather, you will need to either seek a policy that includes this type of coverage or purchase an insurance rider to add this type of protection.

Uninsured Drivers

In an accident, the insurance for the driver that was responsible for causing the incident will usually pay for the repair costs. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that violate their responsibility to carry insurance for their vehicle. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, obtaining compensation for your financial losses can be extremely difficult, as you may need to file a lawsuit. Uninsured driver insurance is designed to mitigate this risk, as your insurance will cover the repair costs caused by drivers without insurance coverage.  

Medical Costs

The medical costs of an accident can be the largest expense to result from it. This can be true for accidents that only cause seemingly minor injuries. The high costs of medical treatments can make a traditional auto insurance policy ill-suited to protecting you because the medical coverage limits for these policies can be low. If you regularly drive with multiple people in your vehicle or you want to enjoy the maximum protection from your policy, you might need to add separate medical coverage to your auto insurance policy.  

Assets And Items Inside The Vehicle

Many drivers assume that their auto insurance will cover the items that are inside the vehicle. While these policies may provide some coverage for asset replacement, the actual protection offered can vary. For example, some policies may only provide compensation for possessions that were damaged or destroyed in an accident while others may also cover instances of theft. When an insurance policy covers instances of theft, individuals will typically need to obtain a police report before the insurance will process the claim.

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