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An Examination Of The Types Of In-Home Care That Might Be Covered By Medicare

by Raymond Gibson

Medicare is the federally provided medical insurance available to elderly individuals, and it can truly be a great help for those who have it. In the event you have to have some form of care in your home and not in a public care setting, your Medicare insurance may actually cover the cost in full or in part. Take a look at some of the types of in-home care that may be covered by your Medicare insurance plan.

Medicare insurance may cover intermittent skilled nursing care.

Intermittent skilled nursing care is home care that involves a professional coming to your home on an intermittent basis to tend to the things that you need. In general terms, intermittent skilled nursing care is not something that is provided on a long-term basis. Rather, it is more of a short-term nursing plan that may cover a period of so many weeks or so many months. Medicare does tend to cover most of the cost associated with this type of care, especially if the care is associated with your recovery plan after a surgery or an illness.

Medicare insurance may cover care provided by a home health aide.

A home health aide is something completely different than an in-home nurse, which focuses primarily on medical care and attention. Home health aides are responsible for making sure a patient is generally okay. Some of their duties can include light housework, such as doing the dishes or washing a load of laundry. They will usually spend some time with the patient to monitor how they are doing and make notes about their condition during their visit. The services provided by these aides are most often covered by Medicare insurance during pertinent points of a patient's care plan. However, some individuals with ongoing care needs may also qualify to have home health services covered by their insurance.

Medicare insurance may cover in-home therapy. 

If you have certain medical conditions, have had surgery, or are in the process of recovering from a particular type of injury, Medicare insurance may cover the costs of physical therapy in your home. For patients who have mobility issues, cannot drive, or are not in a condition to leave the house frequently, going for physical therapy outside of the home can be an illogical thing. Therefore, the insurance does typically cover the cost of having a professional come to your home to provide physical therapy to you.

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