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Working With An Economic Damages Expert During A Civil Lawsuit

by Raymond Gibson

As part of the legal proceedings that are likely to follow a serious accident, it will be necessary to determine the extent of the damages that were suffered by the victim. In addition to the physical injuries that were suffered, this may also involve determining the full scope of the economic damages that the individual could reasonably expect to incur. Due to the complexity and important aspect of civil lawsuits, it can be necessary to utilize a professional damages expert for this part of the process.

Provide Expert Economic Loss Estimates For Accident Cases

One of the most common tasks that damages experts can perform is to conduct a comprehensive loss evaluation for an accident victim. As part of this process, the damages expert is likely to consider the full range of temporary costs that the victim incurred, such as urgent treatment expenses, as well as any long-term losses that were suffered. An example of a long-term economic loss can be a person losing part of their functionality as this can limit their work opportunities.

Offer Expert Testimony During The Court Proceedings

During the course of the proceedings, it may be necessary to justify the damages that are being claimed. To this end, a damages expert will be able to offer expert testimony during the legal proceedings. This can be during either depositions or court proceedings. While there will likely be a booking fee or hourly rate that will need to be paid, this can be the most effective way of ensuring that you have a witness that can effectively justify the damage estimates that they have prepared.

Assist With General Research  

In addition to assisting the case in a formal capacity, it can also be the case that these experts may also be needed to assist the case in a more general fashion. This will often involve working closely with the legal team and the victim to ensure that all of the economic losses are properly documented. In some instances, these experts may even be able to provide strategic guidance when it comes to understanding the full scope of the losses and the factors that are contributing the most to the economic damage.

Working with a damages expert can be a necessary part of many civil lawsuits. During these proceedings, it is vital to ensure that the full range of economic damages that were suffered are identified and documented. Working with a professional that specializes in providing economic damage estimates, testimony and general research can be invaluable in building a strong case.

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