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Your Guide To Getting SR22 Insurance After A License Suspension

by Raymond Gibson

Suspended licenses usually have a negative impact on the license holders. For instance, it won't be easy to drive to work, handle the daily responsibilities of the family or drive vehicles at work. 

Given these challenges, many drivers desire to reinstate their driving privileges as soon as possible to avoid the inconveniences linked with losing a license. One reliable way to accomplish this is getting SR22 insurance.

Why Are Driving Licenses Suspended?

A driving license can be suspended due to various reasons. For instance, you can lose your driving privileges if you are caught driving under the influence, driving recklessly, driving without insurance coverage, or committing multiple traffic offenses. Once the license is suspended, you will not be allowed to operate any vehicle. 

If you are caught driving before your license is reinstated, you could face severe penalties, so it's better to work on getting the permit back to avoid complicating your life.

Why Do You Require an SR22 Certificate?

After the license suspension, your state's DMV may ask that you acquire an SR22 certificate, also called the certificate of financial responsibility. The SR22 will serve as proof that you still carry the liability insurance coverage.

Usually, the insurance company you consult for the SR22 will confirm if you have the minimum liability policy before they can file the SR22 application on your behalf. If you don't have the liability plan, the company will ask that you pay for it, and the premiums could be high if you are a high-risk or negligent driver. 

Will You Get Your License Back?

The timeline for obtaining your license will vary from one state to the other, and the reason why you got the suspension. Nonetheless, there are things you can do to expedite the process. For instance, your chance of getting your license back will improve once the SR22 insurance takes effect. However, you will still be required to meet other requirements to reinstate your driving privileges.  

If your driving privileges were suspended because of a moving violation, you might be required to take defensive driving classes. Retaking the driving course can also assist you in acquiring your license sooner. This will also ensure your insurance premiums aren't increased as you wait to get back your license.

You will likely need to pay fees to get your license, but the amount will vary depending on your state and the reason for the license suspension. In addition, the SR22 will still be active for a few years, depending on the infraction and the state regulations.

Reach out to your auto insurance company for more information.